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Is Charmin Toilet Paper Safe for RVs

The bathroom in your RV can be its own, special kind of headache. 

While the presence of a clean, reliable bathroom is likely one of the reasons you invested in your RV in the first place, it can also be the location of many problems for beginners to the RV lifestyle. 

One of the first steps you should take to keep that bathroom safe and running is learning how to choose the appropriate toilet paper.

Charmin toilet paper can be safe for use in RVs, but it entirely depends on which type you select. 

Charmin Ultra Soft is comfortable, affordable, and breaks down easily, making it perfect for RV use. 

Charmin Ultra Strong, however, can become a source of problems.

Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper, 24 Family Mega Rolls = 123 Regular Rolls

Read on to understand why this difference exists within a single brand, as well as how else you can choose toilet paper safe for your RV. 

What Toilet Paper is Safe for RVs

An RV’s septic tank can be a fickle creature; you’ll want to use toilet paper that won’t create clogs or set off sensitive sensors. The goal should be to select a toilet paper that will get the job done without making clogs within your RVs sensitive system.  

Toilet paper that is RV safe should generally be thin, lightweight, and dissolve quickly. 

Beginners to camping may want to stick to special toilet papers designed specifically with RVs in mind until they fully understand what qualities to look for in a toilet paper. 

While it is not necessarily required to use RV-specific toilet paper, by starting with this special toilet paper, you can get a good start before looking for more affordable options.

By starting your RV experience with the “ideal” situation, you can easily wrap your head around the ways that you can create your own “ideal” without breaking the bank.

Of RV specific toilet paper, a few inexpensive, trustworthy options include:

  • Scott Rapid Disolving Bath Tissues
  • Greentay RV Toilet Paper
  • Thetfort Aqua Soft Toilet Tissue
  • Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

How do I Know if My Toilet Paper is RV Safe

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If you’ve experienced the pain of a backed-up RV septic system once, you’ll likely be prepared to make any expense in order to avoid that inconvenience again.

However, you won’t be required to use only expensive toilet paper designed solely for RVs with a little research.

RV safe toilet paper should dissolve quickly with minimal effort.

Typically, this toilet paper is thin and soft, usually with only one or two-ply thickness.

Before using any specific brand of toilet paper in your system, it’s best to test it out outside of your RV.

Many campers use a common, easy test to determine whether a toilet paper is safe involves testing it out using a jar filled with water

Start by filling a clear mason jar with water; be sure to leave a few inches of air near the top. 

Next, place a small amount of toilet paper within this jar.  You should ideally use roughly the same amount you might use while camping.

After sealing the jar tightly, shake this toilet paper and see how it reacts.  Does it break down quickly, or does it clump together?  Is it falling apart like confetti or creating more of a pulpy mush?

If your toilet paper is disintegrating quickly within the water, you’ve found a winner!

Difference Between RV Safe and Regular Toilet Paper

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to trust regular toilet paper in your RVs septic system, you aren’t entirely in the wrong. It may help alleviate some of your concerns to understand in what ways these two types of  toilet paper differ.

RV safe toilet paper is made specifically with an RV’s needs in mind; these toilet papers are generally designed to be soft and absorbent while also being one one-hundred percent biodegradable. 

They also are usually free of perfumes or chemicals that can set off any sensors your RV may have.  

Regular toilet paper tends to be designed around a heartier system, meaning it is created with comfort in mind over all else. 

As a result, most regular toilet papers pride themselves on being durable rather than easily biodegradable. 

It’s not impossible to find regular toilet paper that also has the qualities you need for your camping trip. 

In fact, many experts say that the chances of low-ply regular toilet paper being damaging to your system are actually incredibly slim.  

Despite that possibility, there’s really no getting around the fact that if other toilet papers are safe for your RV, its in spite of their usual design, not because of it.

Will Regular Toilet Paper Harm My RV

As long as the regular toilet paper breaks down quickly and easily, it won’t harm your RV.

Worst case scenario, regular toilet paper may create a clog, which, while incredibly inconvenient and messy, isn’t likely to create lasting damage to your system.

Is Septic Safe the Same as RV Safe Toilet Paper

While toilet paper labeled “septic safe” isn’t exactly the same as RV safe toilet paper, it is similar enough that it will break down at roughly the same rate.

It is likely safe for your RV, as long as you test it first to ensure that it is truly as “septic safe” as the packaging states.

Sometimes, advertising lies. 

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. 

Before trusting that any toilet paper breaks down as easily as it declares, you should likely double check yourself before you find yourself in the middle of the woods with no alternatives.


A clogged RV toilet can be a pain, but luckily, it’s one you can easily avoid. 

All you need is a little research and a willingness to test out the product in question prior to using it.

Like Charmin Ultra Soft, many regular toilet paper brands are safe for use in your RV, meaning that you are only limited to RV safe toilet paper if you choose to be!

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